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Our Company

Our Company

Mezfer is with you

30 years ago Mezfer was born

We are a entirely Mexican company with the objective of solving problems in crop production. With over 30 years of experience, and a team of over 500 employees, we are committed to the growth of both our clients and our company by supporting farmers every day in finding the best solution for their crops. Today, with more than 80 products available, we also offer personalized guidance and advisory through our sales force. At MEZFER, we believe in strengthening the sustainability of our country by creating jobs that promote the growth of our customers and suppliers. With our variety of solutions for the field, the producer can be sure that our products offer the highest quality with the best efficiency, backed by the current sanitary certifications.

In Mezfer we care about research and innovation. Which is why we have connections with prestigious institutions, both nationally and internationally, in which we entered in full synergy with for the development of new products and better solutions for crop production.


We are a group of international companies, whose task is to increase production and quality of food in Mexico and the world through the manufacture and distribution of agricultural inputs and services of excellence.


We see ourselves as a group of leading companies in the world in the production and marketing of agrochemicals and fertilizers committed to our customers , our employees, ecology and the constant generation of value.



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