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Mezfer, concerned about the yield of crops in Mexico, has generated a series of products specially designed to combat the yellow sorghum aphid.

This is considered by the International Plant Protection Convention as a pest of economic importance that damages sorghum, oats, sugarcane, wheat and barley crops. It was officially identified in February 2014 in the municipalities Jiménez, Río Bravo and San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

The products by Mezfer that have been designed to prevent and combat this pest are Kumari 350 sc, Visor 20 WDG and Control 3% Dust, among others.

KUMARI 350 sc

It is a selective systemic, contact and ingestion insecticide for the control of sucking insects. It is quickly taken by the plant and distributed acrophetally (in ascending form).


It is an insecticide in dispersible granules belonging to the group of neonicotinoids that acts in the nervous system of insects. Thiamethoxam acts by ingestion and by contact, with translaminar and systemic activity. Effective at low doses of recommendation, immediate action and low toxicity for mammals.

Controla 3% POLVO

It is an insecticide of the chemical group of organophosphorus in powder formulation that acts by ingestion, contact and inhalation. Very effective for the control of foliage pests such as yellow aphids and budworms.


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